Christmas to me is so overrated, it's just, unfortunately,  lost its charm,amidst the tinsel, glitter and carols, and become another stressful, chaotic event to try to manage. It's what presents to give, what to cook , whom to invite (or not) , as it's the number one holiday, ( throughout the Western world) that causes problems and rifts in kith and kin. Sadly, many families use this time of getting together to upset the balance, to eat the rotten apples and set the table with dirty laundry.

To this I say, fly high above, nearer the light, gather your loved ones, set a new tone, full of harmony and peace, perhaps even have your own Christmas day throughout the year, ( there are 364 days left), to give thanks for being together, healthy and free of strife.

I wish you a calm, blessed CHRISTMAS!!!