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José Cabral

In 2011, while working on the commercial side of a Portuguese bank, and after two years as a flight attendant, sociology student José Cabral decided to take a risk and work full time on his blog. O Alfaiate de Lisboa began in January 2009, in his spare time, but the greater calling, of writing and photographing the Lisbon streets, took precedence. It was a new concept in Lisbon, talking to strangers on the street, asking them for their photo to appear on a blog! But for José, being an aesthete, (takes after his father), it was his guilty pleasure. He gained notoriety and soon after he shot and created campaigns to promote Lisbon, had a regular column on a weekly newspaper, and recently published his own book on street style based on the blog. Last year, his blog won the Fashion TV Award for Best Digital Communication! Citing Scott Schuman, author and photographer of the blog The Sartorialist, as an inspiration, José has grown wings and is flying really far.

Ramalho cotton shirt  from La Paz

I’m a Humanist not a Fashionista!

J.Lisbon, his online menswear store is now a year old, and honestly, the editing and the styling of the collections available is fantastic. The brands available are mostly Portuguese, like La Paz and Diniz&Cruz, although there are foreign brands, like Tag Heuer and Hackett, the whole mood is casual but refined.His effort into making his images approachable has paid off, as the real people used to model the pieces, look comfortable and welcoming and well, REAL. This is not what you see in most webditorials, (new word?!), normally very posed models that don't remotely look like the men in our lives. And definitively not genuine or relatable…

José’s own style is relaxed, although he enjoy’s dressing up and somewhat unusual in today’s men, gets a kick out of looking good for each occasion. Looking towards the future, watch out  for his new project Caigua, a rainwear collection he’s designing with a friend from Porto.  And hopefully soon, J.Lisbon will be on the European online men’s circuit as a outstanding window to the world showcasing menswear in  Portugal. 

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