Spectre, the new James Bond film is out already, featuring fresh faces such as Lea Seydoux, Monica Bellucci, and Noemi Harris. The Bond franchise, (yes, you can call it that, my brother had a Bond action man and car! ), has been running for around 50 years, and the cars and girls have changed over time, only the martini remains the same, shaken not stirred. MY favourite drink actually...

Over the years, fashion has changed so much in the Bond movies, though one thing never does, the women, villains or not, are always dressed to kill. Can you remember the slip dresses, in several Bond movies, just covering what was necessary but there was always a weapon within easy view and reach? How sexy is that? Or when Halle Berry comes out of the sea in That orange swimsuit by Eres, a replica of the one Ursula Andress wore in the first James Bond, Dr. No? Like it or not, and maybe it's a little cheesy, but screen looks Bond style are always fun to reminisce over. 

When I worked as a Stylist, I took Olga Kurylenko as a model on a shoot to Mexico, she was one of  the nicest, sweetest and funny girls you could wish for on a trip! Here in Quantum of Solace.

These Bond girls look right on trend for this winter: parka's, menswear and the secretary/ granny look. 

See the trailer here...

Check out this really cool site, the James Bond Lifestyle It's about everything and anything you wanted to find out or buy, drive, drink, eat, wear and travel, in the 007 manner, you name it, it's here. 

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