When opening this morning's emails, theres was one, from a Friend, that really made me emotional. Teary. But very content and fulfilled, and it's one a of a few I've been getting lately. Let me explain; I'm doing a project or better still, I'm learning more about a vital project, more about myself, and one of my homework tasks was to define what I thought was special ( I'm going to use this word a lot!) about me. 

Not an easy task, maybe so for those that have a lot of amour propre, self -assurance and dare I say it, arrogance. All of which I don't have much of, being more of a self-doubter most of the time. It has really absolutely nothing to do do with one's outward image, the one projected into the world, so however fat, skinny, tall or short, big lips or not, wrinkles versus youth, trendy or not, wealthy or less so that you are, it has no deep and profound effect on how you feel inside. Yes, I admit, life's not always rosy and pink, maybe on the outside it seems so, but (un)fortunately the thorns and spikes of our adventures, leave the bruises and scratches of life well hidden from the world. This often clouds the positive thoughts we could entertain about ourselves.So to my assignment I set forth, identifying what made me special. It was a lot easier than I thought, and very gratifying!

All of us are special.

But the problem is.

We can't tell

How and Why

But back to special again, my second task was to ask a couple of friends, that know me well, and most importantly that I trust, to tell me what they thought made me special in their eyes. No pun intended, but it was an eye-opener to say the least! Although each testimonial had similar threads, they were different due to the varying degrees of emotional involvement and  of course the longest timelines of friendship were the most intimate reveals. 

Suffice it to say, it was a wonderful experience, as getting to know yourself truthfully is a life's journey, on a daily basis, step by step. Never-ending. And knowing that there are awesome souls out there that happen to comprehend and love you as you are, bristles and softness, is truly an astounding gift.

Why don't you try this exercise out? I challenge you...

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