My new loves..

I know that H&M to some of you can be seen as a mammoth kind of shop, huge and difficult to navigate, unless you know exactly what you want. I sometimes only go in for a specific item but get completely sidetracked... Recently the beauty section was been revamped and it's fabulous! Massive choice, and every area is covered, from hair to nails to make-up. The packaging is super classy and chic, black and off-white, no brushes ( who uses them anyway) or mirrors, ditto, and I found the colours and durability awesome. I almost always use cream blush, and this colour, cameo brown, is great for everyday. The sunrise pink in powder form, I use only when I put on a "face" , i.e. more make-up. Aubergine dream is the eye palette which is currently my number one choice, a bit more interesting than just naked colours. My absolute favourite has to the Revelation Body Oil and the solid perfume of the same line. The scent is divine, and perfume in this formula is so portable, you can carry it with you anywhere.  

Since this is an affordable line, it  is perfect for experiments too.