We often forget that hair ages, just like our skin, especially after years of highlights ,colour, perms?! (so 80's), straighteners and god only knows what else we do to our hair. I too forgot to look after my hair as well as I do my skin, and I'm now in a race against time to try and revert all the damage that's been done. Thankfully, I've discovered an amazing German hair care brand called C:EHKO that's been around for ages. The great-grandfather of the current owner, (yes, it's still family owned ), invented the chemical formula for the perm, 75 years ago. Robert Schimdt used to forage for herbs in the forest in his village to concoct potions for hair care. Their new line, based on Cleopatra's secret, of black cumin oil, what protein, coconut oil and other rarities, is serious about recuperating damaged locks. I especially like the hair masque and the volume  shampoo. 

The original photograph of the early days of the brand

Here in Lisbon, C:EHKO is represented at the Aurélio Ramos hair salon in the Chiado area. A cosy, shabby chic environment lies the fact that Aurélio's first love was engineering. He was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1975. Growing up in a humble family he was steered by his love of art in the direction of mechanical engineering.

Aurélio Ramos, the salon.

 Although his creativity was limited to technical drawing, little did he know that this would give him an edge when he came to fulfil his destiny, as now he engineers his own technical hair creations. Aurelio won awards along the way, the highlight being Wella’s World Trend Vision in which he was number one in the international competition in 2007. He also won the Best Hairdresser Award in Portugal in 2008. A real rising star... 


For my first giveaway, all YOU have to do is email me, at thelifejuice@gmail.com, a photograph of your worst haircut, (at any age!), and you'll win, a voucher for a FREE haircut at the Aurélio Ramos hair salon in Lisbon, AND 20% off C:EHKO products. 

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See you soon. 

Rua das Chagas, 17B Chiado

Tel: 213 476 434 / Mobile: 937 228 318/ 964 230 519

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