I love being pleasantly surprised by people, and finding out that there’s more to them than meets the eye. Take Carmo Sousa Coutinho for instance, tall and thin, with a quiet demeanour, you'd never think that this mother of three, that makes the most delicious sweets, works in a bank in the venture capital department. 

Carmo Sousa Coutinho

She studied Economics at University and worked in a financial institution for a while, then relocated to São Paulo to accompany her then husband for professional reasons. Missing being an active, working woman, Carmo wasn't working in Brazil, she decided to occupy her time by cooking, something she discovered she loved. She asked her children’s grandmother to teach her the family recipe of Lérias, and also took several courses in the art of doçaria, meaning the art of sweet making, in Brazilian sweets. 
Soon after, orders for weddings, events, baptisms and so on, came pouring in. Her brand was created, with the help of a Portuguese friend living in Sao Paulo, and Doces Santa Gema was born. Handmade from A to Z by Carmo alone, these sweets have that original taste and feel of the time honoured ones that my mother used to eat. Her real testimony...

Made from eggs and sugar, this is a rich, creamy, refined sweet. 

In 2013, Carmo moved back to Lisbon with her family. Since discovering this new vocation, (already in the cards as her mom and aunts are great cooks), she now works part-time at a venture capital society, and is an avid cyclist. Besides Lérias, my favourite, Carmo makes homemade brigadeiros, beijinhos, bem-casados, and many more. 

The impeccable gift.

The perfect present to lavish upon your hosts this season, we're coming up lots of Christmas or dinners and lunches, or for your delectable, sinful self, and Carmo delivers to your door, what more could you want?!

 Order Information: doces.santagema@gmail.com/966 190 880