Maybe you might think I'm nuts to actually give any importance to this subject matter, but honestly, in this very connected 24/7 technological world we live, we seem more disconnected than ever. It seems that all the gadgets that have been invented to save us time, that oh-so-rare commodity, have in fact been secretly, stealthily, stealing time from the real essence of our lives, being kind to each other. 

This is not a corny text or a rant on people's rudeness, just my humble opinion on why good manners still matter. It's not about the car we drive, the handbag on our wrist, or the size of the ring on your finger, but the world seems so upside down, we forget the true value of connecting with others. That's what good manners are all about. Not so much which fork to use, the right way to hold your glass, although it is more pleasant to share your meal with someone less on the cave(wo)man side! but taking time to look into people's eyes. 

After watching this interview between these two very smart, intelligent and elegant women, Jenna Lyons, featured here before, and Garance Doré, who is such an inspiration to me, talking about etiquette, I  really got to think about how I genuinely feel on the subject. When I was in my 20's, I thought nothing of getting out my Smythson note cards and sending one off to say thank-you for a dinner, or something special someone had done for me. Nowadays, I don't even know where the nearest post office is! This year I did write to someone, a stranger to whose house I'd been invited through a friend, to an awesome dinner, to say how much it was appreciated. Such an effort was made, I felt I had to acknowledge the fact. 

 I cannot you tell how much I hate, after working for a at least a day before on a dinner or a luncheon for friends or acquaintances, to not a get a thank you (sorry, it's unacceptable). Or even worse, to send a "thank-you " on Facebook or Instagram. No time to send even an SMS, or call? Even between family members it's important. I get a call or SMS from my cousins, from my mother to say that dinner was great, or from my 93 year old aunt! It 's great to be appreciated...  

I so agree with Jenna's view on manners and etiquette in the workplace, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  What do you think, Manners Maketh Man