Judging by the looks on these celebrities, especially on model Kendall Jenner, (who'd think I'd ever consider a Kardashian/ Jenner well dressed?!), grey is the new, fresh, non-colour of the season. It's definitively a softer option than black, just as versatile, flattering brunettes, blondes, the in-between, and does wonders for redheads. 

On the runway...

Grey Matters

Street style

Match grey with sand...

It's a lot chicer than black, more unexpected.

Be inspired, pull out the 50 shades of grey from your cupboard, and mix them up with greige, beige, sand, dark blue, slate grey, silver, ash, pale pink, granite and of course black. Don't be afraid to mismatch your bag to your shoes, as grey is such a neutral colour, your can achieve fashion harmony using more colours than usual. 

Wearing flats by Aquazzura

The ever stylish Olivia Palermo