Thursday's Vodka Martini...

Untitled #25

Zara lined jacket
€150 -

J.Crew cotton twill pants
€220 -

J.Crew dorsay shoes
€455 -

Zara laced up shoes
€44 -

Lancel leather shoulder handbag
€1.060 -

Chloé genuine leather handbag
€1.445 -

Hermès colorful bracelet
€2.450 -

Tiffany Co tiffany co ring
€1.960 -

Womens jewellery
€395 -

Christian Dior rectangular glasses
€325 -

Today I've got to go to two cocktail parties, one at a fashion store, and the other is a new venture that my friends , Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda from Oito em Ponto decor, are launching, ( more on that tomorrow! ). I've decided to do a casual luxe style that fits in with the style of the events, and of my mood of the day!