The most unforgettable dresses of the last few decades, the ones that made a lasting impression, and the ones that made you think, can you believe she wore that?!

Elizabeth Hurley, 1995, wearing Versace. It certainly put her on the map...

Uma Thurman wearing Prada. I remember this dress so well, how it was photographed in several lighting possibilities, so that the fabric would not be see-thru.

This is one of my favourite wedding photographs of all time, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy at her wedding in 1996. So much so, that I based my own wedding dress on this bias cut slip dress by Narciso Rodriguez.

Madonna in 1998, looking very Goth, wearing a then virtually unknown designer, Olivier Thyskens, which she single handedly placed on the map.

1999, Gwyneth Paltrow in Ralph Lauren, not my favourite by far, but it was a perfect Grace Kelly look for her.

Jennifer Lopez, the year 2000, in Versace, again another memorable dress from the sexy Italian brand. Who can forget this barely-there tropical print dress? 

Renée Zellweger, 2001, in a vintage Jean Dessès dress. This started a new trend in Hollywood, using vintage, one-of-a-kind evening wear. 

Again vintage, Julia Roberts in 2001, wearing Valentino.

The gorgeous Halle Berry in Elie Saab in 2002, love it or hate it, she looked great.

The perfectly turned out Charlize Theron in Gucci, in 2004. Very classic old school Hollywood.

In 2005, Hilary Swank blew my mind with this super sensual Guy Laroche evening gown. The colour, the style, just everything, plus that smile!

Scarlett Johansson, in 2006, wearing Valentino, the epitome of the classic red Valentino gown. 

Pippa Midleton, undeniably the bridesmaid of the century! Dressed in Alexander McQueen, she almost stole the show at her sister's wedding in 2011.

Angelina Jolie, in 2013, wearing a black dress by Versace, doing her (in)famous leg pose! 

Jennifer Lawrence, wearing Dior in 2013, was memorable because she tripped on the stairs on  her way to get the Oscar, but also for being so glamorous and simple at the same time.

Back to the beginning, with Rihanna in 2014, wearing Adam Selman, echoing Barbara Streisand and Cher. Fashion is an eternal cycle, very little is really new and innovative, is it not?