Simple, one colour vase of roses.

Even if you're not having anyone over this weekend, and it's just you at home, why not make the extra effort and treat yourself to a beautiful table? As you know by now, eating is a passion for me, and I love to set the table according to the event. Obviously, this is not feasible on an everyday basis, but at every dinner at our home, we light candles. It takes no effort whatsoever, but makes a huge difference to the ambience. The images below are from various parties around the globe this last month, but all serve as inspiration to turn something simple to special in a blink of an eye. Support your local flower market!

Simple gold cups, (H&M is a good source), with pastel coloured flowers.

Simple fruits from your kitchen and garden greenery make astounding centrepieces. 

Autumn lunch table settings, flowers from the field.

White tablecloth and napkins get slammed up with different coloured vases and multicoloured flowers

Use glass yoghurt containers and fill with simple grasses.


Zara Home serveware
€81 -

Cobalt blue bowl
€55 -

H M kitchen dining
€9,65 -

Grey vase
€2.510 -

Georg Jensen glass vase
€195 -

Georg Jensen vase
€175 -

Blue home decor
€100 -

Colored vase
€52 -

Floral vase
€15 -

H M yellow home decor
€21 -

H M candles candleholder
€5,51 -

H M candles candleholder
€5,51 -