Jenna Lyons

She single handedly transformed  J.Crew from a jeans and T-shirt's kind of store, to the kind of stuff you can wear day-to-day, day-to-night, work-to-party, just with a switch of heels or jewellery! Her own style, kind of luxe sportswear, has "leaked" onto the J.Crew shop floor and taught us to mix sequins with jeans, fur parkas with leather leggings and pumps, and those over-sized so faux necklaces came from her too! What I most love about Jenna is the ability to always look very comfortable in her own skin, with her signature trademark slicked backed hair and giant glasses that scream " This is my look " .  It's great to see that in a sea of copycat trends, you can still achieve your own individual look. She's unusually tall, suffered from a disease called incontinentia pigmenti, a genetic disorder which scarred her skin, caused her hair to fall out in patches, and caused her teeth to be malformed, which is the reason she still wears dentures to this day. So the geek who liked to sew her own clothes, is now known as the  " Woman who dresses America "! 

Jenna and her partner.

Mix patterns but keep to two colours                                                                            Getty Images

Geek chic has been around, championed by Jenna long before Alessandro Michele! And it stands the test of time. 

Her eclectic mix 'n match

Sequins, leopard and houndstooth pattern shoes work,  if you keep the rest very clean.

Mix textures and add a pop of colour.

True style has no age...


J Crew feather top
€325 -

J Crew tweed blazer
€495 -

J Crew cigarette trousers
€375 -

J.Crew high heel pumps
€580 -

J.Crew high heel pumps
€355 -

J Crew j crew purse

J Crew crystal jewelry
€115 -